Sample packs for days

As Covid-19 sent everything into shutdown, lots of artists had to come up with creative ways to keep their income alive. I don’t think I need to mention the advent of Bandcamp Friday, countless streams, mentoring and teaching, and one of my favorites has been the high quality sample packs that artists have been releasing.

Here’s been some of my favorites so far:

D&B Breaks Sample Pack by Fanu (€35)

One of the more expensive/expansive ones, this includes 175 different loops (even some songs) that Fanu rounded up from over the years. Especially good if you’re into breakbeats.

£10 Bag Drop One, Two, and Three by Kid Drama (£10/ea)

Three packs of high quality samples by Kid Drama. Good for tech step sounds, but of course, you can do anything with these. Lots of synth and pad sounds.

Jungle Sample Pack by TMSV (€10)

Just like it sounds. 15 bass loops, 31 breakbeats, 8 synths, 12 pads, and 21 sounds effects.

Isolation Loops soundpack by HAINBACH (pick a price)

This one is not strictly drum & bass, but a collection of piano, electrical test equipment, and other esoterica, all recorded from carefully constructed tape loops. Some dreamy stuff in here.

If you have any production material you’ve picked up lately that you enjoy feel free to share in the comments!